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Sunday, January 18, 2004

About Standard Deviance 

Name: Ellen
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Previous haunts: Suburban Boston, Philadelphia, London
Occupation: Markets Analyst (and that is the last you will hear of my job on this site)

Where did you come up with the name Standard Deviance?
I am a dorky math minor, and it is the name I wanted to use for my college radio program. However that program was quite short-lived, as most shows are that air from 2-4 am. Shockingly, I had no audience. I've been waiting to use the name, and now I have the opportunity.

If this is a blog about New York, how come there's so much Yankee bashing?
I am a Masshole. Born and bred from the Nohth Shoah of Boston. Hating the Yankees is like breathing to me. So although I heart New York, I hate those god damn Yankee bastages.

Why does this website look so dumb?
I like writing, but I don't know very much about html. While I expect the content on this blog to be excellent at all times, I can't make the same promise for the layout. I am doing my best, but I am afraid that's not very good. If you have any helpful suggestions about how to make this site look better, please feel free to email me.

Why is Standard Deviance so damn funny?
It's a gift. I don't question it.

Welcome to
Standard Deviance.
Today's specials are humor and satire.
Would you like a side of crazy with that?

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